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Holdfast: Nations at War: How to Aim?

Firing 19th century muskets takes a lot more time than in contemporary war games. If you want to survive more than a few moments on the battlefield, you’ll need to learn how to hit your target.




In Holdfast: Nations at War, you need to reload your gun after each shot and the process takes a lot longer compared to other shooter games. This makes aiming much more important, as every shot fired puts you in a vulnerable state.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can improve your aim fast.

How to Aim in Holdfast: Nations at War (Shooting Guide)

First of all, unless you need to take a quick shot at a short distance, always use the first-person view. And if you really have trouble hitting anything, you might want to turn down the “field of view” option in the settings menu.

However, this might not help all that much, as the reason why a lot of people have trouble aiming is hidden in the game’s mechanics and has little to do with your ability to spot a target.

Bullet Drop

Pretty much every gun in Holdfast: Nations at War suffers from a severe bullet drop.

That means shortly after leaving your gun, the bullet will start heading towards the ground. Pistols are the most affected by it, while musket’s bullets will only start changing trajectory about 20 meters from where they were shot.

Riflemen’s guns have the least impactful bullet drop, but it’s still pretty severe – these usually start falling after traveling around 30 meters.

This means that you’d always want to shoot the space slightly above your target unless they are closer than 50 meters. If you want to check where exactly your bullets land, keep in mind that after hitting the ground, your shots will leave a small cloud of smoke behind.

Holdfast: Nations at War tried to create a more realistic shooting experience. All you need to worry about is the bullet drop and try to aim a bit higher than usual.

All that is left now is to practice and get better at the game.

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