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Goat Simulator 3: Artsy Fartsy Guide

Become a street artist!

Nicole Barelli



goat simulator 3 artsy fartsy guide

Goat Simulator earned its fame for being totally ridiculous! Goat Simulator 3 is no exception—on the contrary, Coffee Stain North’s newest title amps up the absurdity with a bigger world and more quests and events! Artsy Fartsy is among the list of crazy quests that are bound to make some players laugh. Here’s how to complete it!

Artsy Fartsy Guide – Goat Simulator 3

Suburbsville is an important point in Goat Simulator 3, and during your adventures there, you’ll come across an art sculpture in the middle of a public square.

goat simulator 3 artsy fartsy guide2

For this easy-peasy quest, you’ll need to contribute to the artwork by decorating it! And the fun part about this is the freedom the developers gave you to decorate with pretty much anything you want!

To decorate, you can choose random things around the environment, like a bench, a hoop, a trash can, a bicycle or even people!

Grab your favourite items with your tongue and take them to the sculpture. The game will automatically place the item on the sculpture, and you can proceed to the next one.

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The quest completes once you put three objects or people on it!

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