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Goat Simulator 3: All Hippie Locations | Treehuggers

Hugs not allowed!

Nicole Barelli



goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers

Stain Coffee North’s Goat Simulator 3 features a series of challenges to keep players entertained in the crazy city the goats call their home. From the easy-peasy to the head-scratching, there’s a little of every flavour! And this guide is here to walk you through one of the most challenging missions in the game: the Treehuggers!

Treehuggers: All Hippie Locations – Goat Simulator 3

Hippies in the world of Goat Simulator 3 are trying to protect the forest wood by hugging trees. And it’s your job to headbutt them out of there!

While removing them is easy, the tricky part comes from finding those hippies. So, here comes a list with their locations!

Hippie 1

Start your quest at the entrance to Mornwood Falls. Follow the path until you find the hippie with colourful attire hugging the tree, and then headbutt them,

If this is your first hippie, then their removal will activate the Treehuggers quest with the description: “Get those stinkin’ hippies off those poor trees!”

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goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers2

Your next two hippies will be a straight shot from here.

goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers3

Hippie 2

From your previous location, continue down the sloping road to your left. You’ll soon come across the second hippie. Repeat the process!

goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers4

Hippie 3

Continue the road you have been following, then turn to the right into the bridge. You’ll already see the third hippie on the other side as you cross it.

goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers5

Hippie 4

goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers6

You’re now along the riverbank west of Sawmill. This one is a bit more isolated, but it shouldn’t give you trouble to spot the bright outfit that has become familiar by this point!

goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers7

Hippie 5

goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers8

Next up, you’ll head to where the river ends, on the banks that oppose Hoofer Dam. Follow the upward trail of Mornwood Falls, and you’ll find your fifth and final hippie.

goat simulator 3 all hippie locations treehuggers9

And that concludes the Treehuggers quest!

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