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Goat Simulator 3: Fit For The Cross Guide

Holy GOAT!

Nicole Barelli



goat simulator 3 fit for the cross guide

Stain Coffee North’s Goat Simulator 3 impresses with the amount of content it brought to the world of the insane and cult goats. Quests and events range from the easy to the tricky, but they all share one common ground: they’re absurd! Fit For the Cross is no exception, and this guide is here to make sure you add another event to your list of completed quests!

Fit For The Cross Guide – Goat Simulator 3

This one is simple, but you need to have completed the quest Pay Respect to the Fallen before gaining access to the church and to this event. The location for both the quest and the event is the same: Brumehill Cemetery.

Once you can enter the church, go take a look inside—and prepare for a neon explosion! As your eyes adapt to the bright blue, you’ll notice four treadmills. Your goal is to bring people to the treadmills.

In order to do that, you must lick someone and drag them to the treadmill. Then, the game will automatically place them on the machine, and they’ll start running.

goat simulator 3 fit for the cross guide2

A cool but not obvious element of this quest is that you can bring ghosts to run on the treadmill as well!

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For that, you can headbutt the tombstones in the cemetery, making ghosts appear and allowing you to lick them.

Once you bring four people to the treadmills, the quest is marked as complete, and you unlock an energy drink car!

(And, in case you’re wondering, yes, the title of the quest is a twisting of the word “CrossFit”!)

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