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Goat Simulator 3: All 5G Tower Locations

Can you hear me, over?

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goat simulator 3 all 5g tower locations

Easter eggs and references to pop culture fill the world of Stain Coffee North’s Goat Simulator 3. The game doesn’t take itself seriously at all and seizes this farce style to poke fun at dozens of things in real life. 5G Upgrade is a good example. And here is how you can start and finish this event!

All 5G Towers Locations – Goat Simulator 3

Finding the 5G Towers around San Angora is an open-world puzzle. Locating the tower is one part of the process; activating it is another, requiring players to connect nodes with electricity.

There are a total of three towers. Below, I provide the location of each one.

Tower 1

The first of the 5G towers can be found south of Fairmeadows Ranch, almost at the bottom of the map.

For the puzzle, headbutt the broken junction box to absorb the energy, then transfer it (with another headbutt, of course) to the antenna at your right.

Jump onto the fan to be carried up and reach a platform where there’s another antenna. The third and final antenna is on the metal tracks above.

(In case you run out of electricity, you can return to the last activated antenna and hit it again.)

goat simulator 3 all 5g tower locations2

Tower 2

The second tower is east of Suburbsville, just north of the Yoga studio.

The puzzle follows the same logic. Jump onto the building to reach the broken junction box. Hit the first antenna then surf on the cables to hit the antenna in the middle and then continue surfing it to the other side.

Travel along the second set of cables to reach the final antenna.

goat simulator 3 all 5g tower locations3

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Tower 3

The third and last 5G tower is north of Goatenburg, past the Distopia building.

Energise your goat with the broken junction box, then use the tarp as a trampoline to reach the first antenna. Use the tarp twice more to activate the last two antennas.

goat simulator 3 all 5g tower locations4

After activating all the 5G towers, a cutscene will play out. As is often the case with Goat Simulator 3, there’s a surprise. But I won’t spoil it here, so you can enjoy it for yourself! I’ll just note that completing this event also awards you a trophy/achievement.

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