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Genshin Impact: Ziryab Answers Guide

All the answers to Ziryabs questions can be found here.




The Sumeru region in Genshin Impact has recently launched and in the region, you are going to encounter new world quests, characters, Archon quests, and many more.

Among the features added is a new set of Daily Commissions, and one of them, which some players are having a hard time with, is a Q&A type. We’re going to show you a cheat sheet!

Ziryab Answers Guide in Genshin Impact

The addition of Sumeru unlocks new Daily Commissions exclusive to the region. The Akademiya Q&A is a daily mission requiring you to choose the correct answers. You need to talk to the NPC Ziryab, who will ask you three random questions. He resides on the western Teleport Waypoint of Sumeru City.

Answering the Akademiya Q&A Daily Commission

Ziryab is going to ask you 3 random questions. The following are their answers:

Q: “Sumeru merchants often use a kind of beast to carry their goods when traveling long distances. What’s the name of the beast?”

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A: Sumpter Beast.

Q: “With the elements as the core of its theory, this Darshan studies a full range of things closely tied with elemental powers. What’s the name of this Darshan?”

A: Spantamad.

Q: “Have you been outside Sumeru City? There are some barriers around the desert. What’s the name of those barriers?”

A: Wall of Samiel.

Q: “So, what’s the name of the Darshan with the largest number of researchers? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the school with Biology as its major focus.”

A: Amurta.

Q: “Now listen, what’s the name of the tree holding up the Akademiya?”

A: Divine Tree!

Q: “A mushroom-like monster in the wilderness of Sumeru. What’s the name of the monster?”



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