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Genshin Impact: Place of Rebirth Puzzle Solution

Stuck in Dual Evidence? No more.




Place of Rebirth is one objective for the Dual Evidence quest you get in Sumeru. When you get asked for Clearance, you will need to go to it and solve its puzzle before you can advance.

Place of Rebirth location

To reach the Place of Rebirth, teleport (or if you haven’t unlocked it yet) make your way to the Duat Hall. If you don’t remember where that is: north and underground the Dune of Magma, front of the first Teleport Waypoint you unlock close to that area.

From the Teleport Waypoint, glide as if you were going towards the Duat Hall but not quite. Where you want to go into is a hole in the stone, right to the stairs that lead to the hall. A Four-Leaf Sigil is there.

First Primal Ember

Run through the cave pathway until you come to a fall and glide down. You’ll fall next to a Primal Ember. Release it and guide it to the flooded room in front. When you come up to a monolith, the Ember will go underwater and lit a pillar, lowering the water level of the room.

Lighting torches

Proceed forward and enter a room with a locked Primal Ember. You’ll find a Forged Primal Light floating at a lower ground level than you initially walk in when you enter the room. Guide it to one of the blue floor panels (a Replicator Keystone) that will activate, revealing a Verity Cell. With it you’ll be able to activate the Pyro torches.

Once all torches are alit, enemies will appear. Defeat them and release the Primal Ember, guiding it back to the previous room, where it’ll light yet another pillar.

The other room

Visit the room to the right (or left from your current standpoint, remember you’re returning to the central room) and advance until you see another locked Primal Ember. You’ll need to move around the Primal Beams Cells located in the room to unlock the Ember, in this order:

  • Move the Cell that releases light to a boulder.
  • Fly towards the other Cell and move it until both of them are in the middle.
  • Move them again until each one reach the next corner.

After it is done, the Primal Ember will unlock. Release and guide it to the central room, where it’ll activate and light the last pillar.

Your Stone Tablet will get 1 Clearance, and with that, this Place is done.

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