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Fishing Planet: Where to Catch Golden Shiner

The Golden Shiner is a somewhat rare type of fish available to catch in Fishing Planet. Also required for one of the game’s many missions.




Due to its apparent rarity, the golden shiner can give many players trouble. However, this can be alleviated by knowing their preferred bait types and ideal locations.

Where to Catch Golden Shiner Fishing Planet

Where to Catch Golden Shiner Fishing Planet

Let’s begin by knowing the golden shiner’s preferred bait types. They only have two: dough balls and semolina balls. Make sure you’re using either of these when you attempt to catch one. Additionally, a #8 hook is recommended, though not necessary.

As for their location, you will want to go to Lone Star Lake in Texas. They seem to be more common there than in their other possible spawns. In this lake, you will find a fishing spot with two sets of lily pads. Cast in the opening between these lily pads. For some reason, this particular spot seems to be very likely to get you golden shiners.

Keep in mind that it might take a few tries to finally catch one. But as long as you keep all these tips in mind and persevere, it shouldn’t take you very long to finally catch a golden shiner.

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