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Fishing Planet: How to Use Lures 

An important tool for capturing fish is -no doubt- a bait. Fortunately, there are reusable ones: Lures, and you can learn everything about these artificial baits.




Unlike other baits, such as corn and worms, lures are reusable, which means you won’t lose the item right after using it for the first time. All you’ll need to know is how to choose the proper lure and moves to attract fish.

Using Lures to Attract Fish in Fishing Planet

It’s important to select the reel speed. Commonly, players will prefer +1 to +2, but you should adjust it, according to your particular case. There are some different ways to hook a fish using lures. The main moves you can use for this purpose are: 

Walking– consists in hooking and pulling the fishing road several times, quickly;

Stop&Go– Reeling, then stopping, then reeling again, etc.;

Lift&Drop– Hooking and retracting, then stopping and retracting, and so on… (It’s important to keep it as deep as possible);

Straight– Reeling and retracting, continuously;

Straight & Slow– Just like Straight, but slowly;

Popping– Reeling, then retracting and hooking repeatedly;

Twitching– Reel in the line and sporadically pull the fishing road;

Sometimes you can mix some of these strategies together, making them more effective. 

Choosing the Right Fishing Lure In Fishing Planet

Choosing the Right Fishing Lure In Fishing Planet

Just like other baits, before going for it, you should verify the fish’s preference and get the artificial bait according to it. There are five types of lures: Spinners, Plugs, Bass Jigs, Soft plastic, and Spoons. Bass Jigs is probably the most popular one since it can be used to attract many different species. It’s also important to pay attention to the climate and time; use brighter baits on sunny days, and darker baits when the sky is cloudy or it’s already night. 

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