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Fishing Planet: How to Cast Far 

Maximizing your casting distance has a lot to add to your experience in Planet Fishing. Here are all the instructions you’ll need to master this mechanic.




“One small step for a man, one giant leap for hooking the fish you are looking for.” When you know how to reach more distant parts of a lake, this can improve your possibilities of catching the fish you want. In order to nail this task, there are some details about your equipment that you should take into consideration, before starting to cast.

How to Cast Farther in Fishing Planet 

There are, basically, three important elements to think about when you want your cast to go as further as possible. They are The fishing rod which, simplifying, is a stick(rod) to which a fish line is attached. When choosing the rod, it’s preferable to go for the longest one. A feeder rod can be very helpful; 

The load should be as heaviest as possible, so it’s important to get a heavy float and also a weighty fishing bait. It adds weight to the line, and the last thing, but probably the hardest one to get: A perfect timing on casting sequence. 

Of course, there’s also another tip to increase your chances to cast farther. If you are running Planet Fishing on your Windows, you can press F11 to add distance when casting your reel.

If you are playing this game on your PlayStation 4, instead of F11, you can hold R3 for the same result. 

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