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Fishing Planet: How to Catch Smallmouth Buffalo

Ictiobus Bubalus, also known as Smallmouth Buffalo is a great acquisition for your inventory. This guide will provide you with all the information related to it and how to catch this precious fish.




Smallmouth Buffalo is an interesting option, especially for beginners who need to get extra XP and cash, but can’t spend much money to catch fish.

How to Catch Smallmouth Buffalo in Fishing Planet 

First of all, catching this fish demands patience. It may take time to appear. 

This said Smallmouth can be found in some places like the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan.

For beginners, we’d recommend looking for it in Lone Star Lake, in Texas. After reaching the place, set the game’s clock to 11:00 am. Your fishing rod could be a CreekPro 240 or a CreekPro 300 or even a Match Rod, like an OmniFloat 450, and your Line Leader Length should be at least 100 or 120cm. The farther you throw it, the best. 

Best Baits For Catching Smallmouth Buffalo

If you want to catch a Smallmouth Buffalo, you’ll need to reach level 5, the least, otherwise, you won’t be able to buy the right baits for catching this fish.

The first step is purchasing one of the following baits suggested by the game to add to your bag: Semolina balls(Level 11, 130 credits to purchase 50 items), Corn(Level 34, 200 credits to purchase 50 items), Mayflies(Level 16, 400 credits to purchase 25 items) or Bloodworms(Level 12, 300 credits to purchase 25 items).

If you are a beginner, you can use Dough Balls(Level 5, 50 credits to purchase 50 items) instead. 

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