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Fishing Planet: Where to Find Giant Salvinia

Giant Salvinia is one of the required catches for the Underwater Weeds mission in the fishing game Fishing Planet. Where is it found exactly?




This guide will help you find the giant Salvinia in Fishing Planet. It’s actually a lot easier to get than you might think at first.

Where to Find Giant Salvinia in Fishing Planet

The giant Salvinia is a type of underwater weed, as you might expect based on the mission’s name. It’s actually fairly simple to get once you know where to fish. In fact, it should only take you a few minutes or so once you know its location.

One of the easiest spots to get the giant Salvinia weed is at Quanchkin Lake, located in Louisiana. The Pelican Hut area is where you will want to go. Very close to the pier in the Pelican Hut, you will see a big mass of weeds on the lake. All you really have to do is to cast your line in this huge mass of weeds repeatedly. Eventually, you will pull out a giant Salvinia weed. It really is that simple once you know its location.

If you’re not quite sure of which spot to fish at, check the image below as a reference. Really, casting anywhere into these weeds should do the trick.

Where to Find Giant Salvinia in Fishing Planet

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