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Fishing Planet: Best Places to Fish

Traveling to fish, what a dream! Thanks to Fishing Planet all you need to achieve this goal isn’t an airplane ticket nor a boat, but finding the best Spots.




One of the most exciting things about fishing in Fishing Planet is the possibility of catching a large variety of fishes, using the game’s interactive map to travel, choosing any lake you want to visit, but it’s also important to find the best spots, considering their prices and the player’s level.

Best Places To Fish in Fishing Planet

When choosing a place to fish, it’s important to keep in mind your level and things you can afford.

Usually, beginners won’t have much to spend, and even an advanced player will need options to make more money.


A good tip for starters is buying an unlimited advanced license for Texas, due to its low-cost maintenance. You can fish there anytime without spending any money to travel.

New York

Another place to start earning money and XP is New York. You can buy a one-day advanced license and fish during the night in the Emerald Lake, from the dock of peace, using speed 2 and Stop&Go or Lift&Drop.


Basic and advanced licenses for Saint-Croix Lake are available for players starting at level 30. On sunny days, you can find blue catfish, clear muskies, pike and muskies.

San Joaquin Delta

If you are looking for sturgeon, San Joaquin can be your place. Fishing there at night with multiple rods and spawn sacks will help you to find sturgeon, chinooks, and some carps.


Compared to the options above, this one doesn’t offer that much cash nor XP, and it’s more recommended for advanced players, but if you are looking for a beluga, Germany is the right destination.

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