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Fishing Planet: Where to Catch Grass Pickerel

The grass pickerel is one of the many freshwater fish available to be caught in the fishing simulator game Fishing Planet.




Found primarily in vegetated pools of water, the grass pickerel is a relatively common fish in Fishing Planet. But as always, it might give you trouble when trying to fish for it specifically unless know its location and preferences.

Where to Catch Grass Pickerel in Fishing Planet

Where to Catch Grass Pickerel in Fishing Planet

The grass pickerel is generally found on vegetated pools of water, as previously mentioned. Areas with lots of weed or lily pads might be your best bet. For example, Lone Star Lake is a very good place to find them. In Lone Star Lake, go on the bridge and look at all the weeds and lily pads. Try to cast as far as possible towards the weeds on the leftmost side. This is a very good spot to find grass pickerels.

As for their preferences, their preferred lures are casting spoons, shads, poppers, walkers, and frogs. Their preferred baits on the other hand are the small and large minnows. If you use these lures and baits at the Lone Star Lake spot previously mentioned, it shouldn’t take you long to catch a grass pickerel. Like with all other fish, you should be patient and persevere.

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