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Elden Ring: Best Frost Knight Build

After getting to level 100 in Elden Ring, you might want to start experimenting with some unique, endgame builds. The Frost Knight Build is one of the possibilities, combining high Intelligence stat with melee combat.




The Frost Knight Build is one of the many endgames builds you can try out in Elden Ring. It utilizes a specific Ash of War, called Ash of War: Ice Spear to its fullest. But to get the best effects, you’ll need to adjust your stats and equipment to match this playstyle.

Best Frost Knight Build in Elden Ring

Although you can make a Frost Knight out of any starting class, your starting stats will determine how the build will look at the end. For example, you should have a strength stat of at least 10 to use the Carian Knight’s Shield, but if your strength is above 15, you might decide to use a shield that fits your playstyle better. Characters with high Intelligence, Vigor and Mind stats make the best Frost Knights.

Frost Knight Stats

The single most important stat you’ll want to focus on is Intelligence, aiming to have more than 50 points. It will increase the magic damage, the most important thing for any Frost Knight. Vigor and Mind are also crucial, though depending on your needs, you might change which one is more important to you. Either try to have around 30 points in each, or have one at around 40 and the other slightly above 24.

Endurance and Strength should both be at 17 and 10 points respectively, though if you want to use equipment that requires higher values of these, you can invest a few points into them. Other stats are completely useless for this build, so you shouldn’t worry about them.

Frost Knight Equipment

To make this build work, you’ll need to be using Clayman’s Harpoon infused with the Ash of War: Ice Spear upgrade. Most medium-weight armor works fine with this build, however, you might want to use the Haima’s Glinstone Crown as a helmet since it gives bonuses to intelligence. If you have enough strength, you should also have the Brass Shield equipped, but if you don’t, the slightly weaker Carian Knight’s Shield will do just fine.

You should have the Magic Scorpion Charm equipped to increase your magic damage, and the Greatshield Talisman to boost your guarding ability. The Shard of Alexander will also enhance the build, by greatly increasing the attack power of your skills.

Lastly, the Curved Sword Talisman is a good addition, as it enhances guard counters, the second thing you’ll be doing besides throwing ice spears every fight. If you don’t have many points in the Mind stat, you can switch one of the talismans with the Carian Filigreed Crest, which decreases the skills FP cost.

Frost Knight Spells

The two most important spells you need are the Carian Retaliation, which allows you to counter enemy projectiles, and the Scholar’s Armament. If you’re planning to play more defensively, you should also use Terra Magica and Scholar’s shield. Provided you can stay in one place, Terra Magica can further increase your damage output. Other than that, you should have a couple of attacking spells as well.

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Terraria: Best Weapons to Use in Update 1.4.4

There are a number of Epic Weapons to choose from in Terraria. And the list just got larger with the latest update that came out earlier this week.





Dig, Fight, explore, build. These are the essential things to do when playing Terraria. And all these tasks are linked to how likely you can survive the world that you have created.

There are different sections in the world with different types of mobs to defeat as well as bosses scattered across the Realm. And the different weapon types in the game can make defeating these mobs and bosses easier or harder depending on your preference or style of fighting.

The latest update has revamped a lot of things in Terraria and this time, it has done considerable tweaking on melee-based combat. But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t release ranged weapons in the latest installment of the game.

In this guide, we will list our top 3 Epic Weapons to try out when defeating mobs and bosses in the latest 1.4.4 update of Terraria’s Labor of Love Content.

Best Weapons to use in Update 1.4.4 in Terraria

Out of Several weapons that were released in the latest update, we have selected 3 of our favourite Epic Weapons to showcase in this guide.

 It’s a given that the weapons players find useful in clearing content can’t be categorized as the best overall since different Terrarians have different playstyles and preferences, our top 3 favourites are based on how easy the weapon is to use and of course how we ranked them according to our tests.

For the latest weapons in update 1.4.4, we recommend the wand of Frosting which is a new wand, the trimerang which is a new boomerang and the latest Yoyo called the Hive Five.

The High-Five (Yoyo weapon)

The Hive-Five is part of the Queen Bee Crafting Rewards. Defeat the Queen Bee in her Lair to obtain the crafting recipe for the Yoyo.

Defeat the Queen Bee for the Hive-Five crafting recipe and items

To Craft it, you will need 14 beeswaxes. The drops when defeating the Queen Bee will give you more than enough beeswax to create it from your workbench.

There are mixed feelings when it comes to Yoyo-type weapons. They provide good range damage but a bit of finesse when used.

The damage you deal depends on you hitting the yo-yo head onto the enemy. Overshooting or mistiming your throw will leave you open to attacks especially when the enemy closes in on you when your yoyo is extended.

How to use the Hive-Five

The Hive-Five is great to use if you manage to time your attacks to hit the enemy. In addition, it spawns killer bees to deal damage to the enemy every time you strike them with the yoyo head.

Although it has a weak knockback, it compensates for its fast attack speed so be sure to time your shots and position yourself a bit far from the enemy and go further back when they get too close.

The Wand of Frosting

If you are planning to be a mage then you will feel right at home with the Wand of Frosting. Similar to the wand of Sparking, this new wand has almost identical damage to the old wand. The only difference is it grants frost damage instead of spark and is easy to acquire early in the game.

Combine blocks of ice with torches to create ice torches

To Craft the wand of Frosting, you will need x99 ice torches and x1 Wand of Sparking. The wand can be found in random wooden boxes close to the surface of caves while the ice torches require you to combine ice blocks that you can mine on the ice Realm and combine them with regular torches.

When you have the required number of items to create the wand, head over to your workbench and craft the Wand of Frosting.

How to Use Wand of Frosting

The wand is easy to use. You only have to point your wand in the direction of the enemy to launch your frost magic towards the enemy.

Hitting an enemy will cause it to have splash damage that can hit enemies behind the first one. This will grant frozen effects for a short duration which is valuable when trying to clear mob clusters in the game.

Just be careful not to focus the wand on clearing enemy bosses since the damage the wand creates is very low and not ideal for use in a fight with bosses.

The Trimarang, an upgraded version of the Boomerang

The Boomerang holds a special place in our hearts since this is the first weapon we managed to unlock the first time we played Terraria a few years ago.

The Trimarang is the answer to what if you combine the 3 boomerangs you can craft or collect in the game.

It suffers from a lowered DPS but makes up for it by launching 3 different boomerangs in quick succession making this weapon one of our top favourites.

How to Craft the Trimarang

To get the Trimarang, you will need to collect the 3 enchanted boomerang variants in the game.

These are the enchanted wooden boomerang, which can be crafted with a wooden boomerang and a fallen star, the ice boomerang which can be obtained on ice Chests and the shroomerang which has a small chance of dropping from spore bats or mushroom Biome Chests.

Once you have all three, craft the Trimarang from your workbench and equip it into your active inventory slot.

Trimarang performance

If one boomerang is good enough, imagine if you can launch three boomerangs in sequence. With a fast attack speed, you can be unstoppable against enemies coming at you from one direction.

The constant hits of the Trimarang deals will greatly slow down enemies rushing towards you and can wipe them all out in a matter of seconds.  They also perform decently against bosses in the game and are a must-have if you plan on clearing the game with rapid-range attacks that have the potential to stop enemies dead on their tracks.

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