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Core Keeper: Beginner’s Guide

The mining sandbox Core Keeper might seem very daunting at first, as you’re not giving many clear instructions on how to survive in the game, but we have some tips to help get you started.




This beginner’s guide should help you find your footing, with some key tips to help you get your footing in the endless procedurally caves of Core Keeper.

1. “X” marks the spot

Have you been exploring the caves and found some X marks on the floor? Well, make sure you don’t ignore them. Instead, use your shovel on the same spot as the X is and you’ll be able to dig up some valuable items, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them.

2. Craft a chest as soon as you can

Chests in this game are extremely important, as they allow you to store valuable items that you don’t want to risk losing should you die.

Thankfully, crafting one is relatively simple. It requires just 5 pieces of wood and a crafting table. Make sure to store all the valuables that you don’t really need while exploring and mining, as you lose everything you’re carrying on death.

3. Wood is important

You can find and harvest wood in the cave, and it’s absolutely vital that you get as much of it as you can. It can be used for a lot of crafting recipes, such as the very important torches and the aforementioned chests, so definitely make sure to get every piece of wood that you can.

4. Use the map to find shortcuts

Check your map when you wish to return to your base to find the shortest route back. It can be faster and safer to just dig through a wall in a straight line back to base than retrace your steps, depending on how you explored.

5. Water is vital

Water is necessary to grow crops, something we’ll cover more in depth in the next tip. But you should make a mental note of every spot where you find water, and try to find one near to your base if possible, so that you can refill your watering can with ease.

6. Grow crops and set up a little farm for yourself

As mentioned previously, you can use water to grow crops. During your exploration of the cave, you will eventually find seeds. Simply tile the ground with a hoe and use the seeds on the tiled ground to play them, then use the watering can to water the plants.

After a while, you’ll have grown food for yourself, which is vital to manage your health and hunger in this game. Definitely something you should do ASAP.

7. You heard that stomping noise? Stay away!

If you heard a stomping noise and wondered what it is, it’s a big strong boss monster called Glurch the Abominous Mass. Basically a massive version of the regular slime enemies, you should absolutely stay away from him until you are truly well prepared.

As mentioned previously, you lose everything on death and it’s very likely that meeting the boss right away will result in your death. We can’t stress it enough, make sure to leave your valuables in a chest and be very well prepared before you dare go near the stomping noise!

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