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Core Keeper: Where to Find Copper Ore and How to Smelt

Copper Ore is one of the many necessary materials you can find in the mining sandbox game Core Keeper.




Required for a multitude of things, such as crafting gear, copper ore is one of the main minerals you’ll have to find. Additionally, the material will have to be smelted first so it can be then used to craft tools and other gear.

Where to Find Copper Ore and How to Smelt in Core Keeper

Finding copper ore should be a relatively simple task in and of itself, as it’s the one of the most common minerals in the game. After you have managed to craft yourself a torch or other light source you can start mining. You might notice that some walls have some sort of glittering.

These are the ones that you should mine at, as that glitter indicates the presence of minerals. It shouldn’t take you too long to find copper ore! Sadly, as the game is procedurally generated, we can’t provide more detailed and specific instruction. However, this tip should help you obtain copper ore quick enough.

How to Smelt in Core Keeper

Now, you might be wondering, how do I smelt the copper ore I found? Well, first off you’ll require a crafting table, which you most likely already have at this point, 20 dirt walls and 10 pieces of wood.

At the crafting table, you’ll now be able to use those materials to craft a furnace. Simply place it down, drag your copper ore towards it and wait for it to be smelted down into copper bars. You can then use it to craft yourself tools such as pickaxes.

Worth noting that the furnace doesn’t require any fuel, so you don’t have to worry about that factor. If you have a lot of ore to smelt, you can just leave it at the furnace and go back to mining and exploring while you wait.

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