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Conan Exiles: How to Teleport | Age of Sorcery

Learn about teleporting in the new update of Conan Exiles.




Conan Exiles has recently just updated to 3.0, also known as the Age of Sorcery. This update introduces Sorcery in the game, which allows players to become a Sorcerer and use Black Magic against enemies. One of the things added in the patch is a teleporter, and we are going to show you how teleport in Conan Exiles.

How to Teleport, Age of Sorcery in Conan Exiles

The Transportory Stone is a newly added building in Conan Exiles. To unlock and build one, you need to upgrade Tome of Kurak. Crafting the building will require you the following items:

  • 200 Bricks
  • 100 Silver Bars
  • 100 Alchemical Base
  • 3 Torches

Teleporting in Conan Exiles

If you have crafted the Transportory Stone before using it, you must ignite it first with the following:

  • 50 Brimstone
  • 3 Sacrificial Blood in a flask

You can obtain brimstones in the Shattered Springs. You need to sacrifice NPCs in the Sacrificial Stone to get a Sacrificial Blood in a flask using the Blood Rite Ritual.

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Do note that you are going to need a glass flask for the blood, and 1 NPC only gives 1 Sacrificial Blood so you are going to need to find 3 NPCs to ignite the Transportory Stone.

Go to the Transportory Stone and ignite it. Wait for the animation to finish and your teleporter will glow. If this is the first Transportory Stone you crafted, you need to build another one to link the two points, allowing you to teleport from one point to another.

Build a Portal Network so that you can have an excellent form of transportation. The Transportory Stone should stay ignited for it to work.

There 2 main things to look out for when teleporting. These are:

  • Teleporting is an activity of a Sorcerer and when Sorcerers do things with black magic, they get corrupted. Corruption is a debuff that lessens your max HP and stamina.
  • Teleporting grants the following debuff:
    • Demonic Energies
      • Does not allow you to teleport for a brief time
    • Tainted
      • Grants temporary corruption which will clear when the debuff has passed restoring your corruption to what it was previously
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