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Conan Exiles: How to Use and Counter Lightning

The Lightning Storm spell is one of the newest addition to Conan Exiles in the Age of Sorcery update.




The Lightning Storm spell is a sorcery that’s been added into the new Age of Sorcery update in Conan Exiles. Basically, this spell lets you summon a thunderstorm that unleashes several lightning bolts down your target.

But how exactly do you use it, and how can you counter it if an enemy is casting the spell? Let’s find out.

How to Use and Counter Lightning in Conan Exiles

As a pretty powerful spell, one of the requirements for casting the spell is a 40% corruption. This means that you need to get corruption from various sources before this spell becomes available to you. You will also need a Leather Pouch to do so.

While the Leather Pouch is the most expensive of all pouches, it’s actually quite affordable to craft. You’ll only need one Sacrificial Blood in a Flask, one Weathered Skull, five Alchemical Base, and two Thick Leather.

Once you have all of the requirements, simply cast the spell on your target. Now, most people have been using this spell on PVP to raid other players’ bases. This is because this spell is capable of dealing massive damage to structures.

However, it seems that the damage numbers tend to be random on the lightning bolts. Nonetheless, it’s pretty effective for raiding bases due to the insane damage it deals.

Countering the Spell

Now, if you find yourself on the defending side of the raid, then there are a few ways that you can counter your raiders if they’re using this spell. One of them is to cast your own lightning storm spell as well.

Doing so will cancel your raiders’ own spell, but it also runs the risk of damaging your own base.

This is more like a deterrent to raiders as it’s also a pretty risky move. If your own spell ends up breaking your base, then it would become a lot easier for them to breach instead.

Another tip for countering the spell is to place thralls on areas away from your base. This way, your thralls will act as lightning rods to attract the lightning bolts. This will then leave most of your base unscathed as the bolts will hit your thralls instead.

Lastly, the most effective means of countering the Lightning Storm spell would be to cast either Creeping Darkness or Undead Fog. Either of the two can effectively cancel Lightning Storm in an instant. In fact, it won’t even give the spell time to cast lightning bolts.

However, you need to have enough resources to continuously cast them. At the same time, it would be a good idea if your clanmates are on the ready once darkness falls. That would be the perfect time to attack your raiders while they have very limited vision around them.

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