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Conan Exiles: How to Craft a Legendary Tool | Challenge Guide

One of the challenges in the new 3.0 update in Conan Exiles involves crafting a legendary tool, and you can achieve this by getting a blueprint from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts.




The new 3.0 update in Conan Exiles, named Age of Sorcery, is a massive one. Not only does it overhaul a lot of systems in the game, but it also includes a Battle Pass which you can level up by completing Challenges.

Now, there are a handful of challenges you can complete in the game, and one of them involves crafting a legendary tool. If you don’t know how to complete this, then this guide will aim to help you.

How to Craft a Legendary Tool | Challenge Guide in Conan Exiles

This challenge is actually a Legendary challenge that will grant you 150 XP upon completion. Before we start, it’s worth noting that there’s only one Legendary tool that you can craft in The Exiled Lands to complete this challenge. That tool is none other than the Bindings of the Dead.

To craft this tool, you will need to obtain its blueprint first. The only location you can obtain this recipe is the Archives which you can find in the Unnamed City. Specifically, the Dark Library which is a bookshelf containing scrolls located on the right side of The Archivist.

You can check its location in this image which is at H6 on the map:

You will need to obtain the Library of Esoteric Artifacts feat by simply interacting with the Dark Library. However, you will need some Fragments of Power as well as a bit of RNG to obtain the recipe for the legendary tool.

This is because the library will hand you random recipes from a pool of new ones. Once you managed to obtain the recipe for the Bindings of the Dead, you need to open your inventory and learn it. Then, you need to craft a Torturer’s Worktable as well which you can unlock by unlocking the Wheel of Pain feat under the Survival section.

To craft the tool, you will need the following materials:

  • 1x Fragment of Power
  • 1x Layered Silk
  • 4x Alchemical Base
  • 1x Heart of a Hero

As soon as you have all of the materials, simply click the Craft button. After that, the challenge should then be completed.

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