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Castle Crashers Remastered: Character Tier List

The best shall prevail!

Nicole Barelli



castle crashers remastered characters tier list

Castle Crashers is a 2D side-scrolling hack-and-slash video game developed by The Behemoth. The remastered version of the dearly 2008 game features higher quality textures, uncapped frame rate, performance improvements, and an additional mini-game. To play the game, players must choose one character. But who to choose? Which one is best or better suits your playstyle? Continue reading to find out!

Character Tier List: Castle Crashers Remastered

F Tier

Alien Hominid: as cute as this wee creature might be, being limited to its initial weapon is a terrible downside that sends this character to the bottom of the list.

Green Knight: don’t be deceived by the pose and the poison, this fellow is better left off your party.

Open-Faced Gray Knight: for some reason, this guy exists, but you can ignore this fact!

Peasant: would be fun if the Peasant was the best character in the game, right? Unfortunately, he’s one of the worst.

Orange Knight: it’s a shame that the game’s main fire caster deserves such a poor position. This magic encompasses a good area, but that’s worthless if the fire doesn’t do damage.

castle crashers remastered characters tier list2

D Tier

Barbarian: good for unlocking one achievement, but it’s hard to vote for his use after that.

Killer Beekeeper: a bland character that has very few advantages to justify its selection.

Civilian: well, it’s… a civilian. Not much he can decently do.

Grey Knight: okay character, nothing special about him.

Royal Guard: a worse version of the Bear, so why use it when you can have the better version?

Saracen: despite trying to imitate the Bear’s creepy face, this is another poor substitute.

Thief: disappointing character, not worth much of your time.

castle crashers remastered characters tier list3

C Tier

Stove Knight: Top C, a character to consider but don’t get too attached to it.

Brute: a one-weapon fellow who isn’t very good with other set-ups. Nice armour, though, eh?

Conehead: okay magic, cool looks, not much going on for this fellow.

Fire Demon: a lesser version of the Red Knight.

castle crashers remastered characters tier list4

B Tier

Skeleton: fancy looks, not quite good magic but makes up for his combo locking and basic crowd control.

Iceskimo: similar to the Fire Demon, this one is a lesser version of the Blue Knight.

Pink Knight: usable, though its magic isn’t particularly efficient.

Ninja: unique design, so-so magic.

Snakey: decent boss slayer and good hitting radio with his Thorny Vines splash attack.

castle crashers remastered characters tier list5

A Tier

Necromancer: Top A character who doesn’t get an S because its magic is, unfortunately, not that great.

Cult Minion: good non-elemental magic and a sinister look make this fellow a good choice!

Bear: a bear with bloodied fur with a murderous-looking stare plus reliable crowd control magic!

Blacksmith: as a Blacksmith, this fellow has a nice set of armour, even if his magic isn’t the greatest.

castle crashers remastered characters tier list6

S Tier

The Industrialist: an enemy as well as one of the 31 Playable Characters, his non-elemental magic can be the best in the game with a proper set-up.

Fencer: pretty much the same as the Industrialist, choose the one whose looks please you the most!

King: the only character in the game with healing magic, the King deserves his crown!

Blue Knight: fantastic ice magic will carry you through the game with little trouble.

Red Knight: one of the best starting characters with proficient electricity-based magic.

castle crashers remastered characters tier list7

Credits for this tier list go to Comrade Warren. For more content, please check out his video: Castle Crashers Remastered – The Objectively Correct Tier List

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