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Castle Crashers: Where to Get Boomerang

To get the boomer rang you’ll need the animal orb cardinal first.




The Boomerang is a weapon in Castle Crushers that can be used for stunning enemies. For example, if they are out of reach and you cannot perform melee attacks, you can use the boomerang to stun your enemies and get close enough to hit them.

So, if Nacromancer is too hard for you to beat, you can use the boomerang. If trolls are attacking you, BOOMERANG!

It is very useful especially if you play on Insane difficulty.

The boomerang opens up many different attacking opportunities, but where can you find it?

Where to Get Boomerang In Castle Crashers

Where to Get Boomerang In Castle Crashers

It can be acquired through beating a brute in the industrial castle. Once you have them you can use them in thieves forest to get the boomerang for you. Your cardinal will automatically pick it up for you under a bush where an owl is sitting.

Once you have the weapon it can be used to deal stun, even midair. The weapon can also pull items towards you. The boomerang can also be held and charged for a further throw.

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