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Castle Crashers: Animal Orb Locations

Getting your hands on every Animal Orb can be difficult since there are so many! Here is where you can find them.




If you want to spice things up in Castle Crashers, you’ll need to get your hands on some Animal Orb or Pets are many people call them.

Once you find Animal Orb you’ll get rewarded with various bonuses or enhancements. If you’ve noticed the pets that float around players, those are the Animal Orbs we are talking about.

Your job is to acquire all the 29 Animal Orbs (with DLC included) just to get all the benefits and bonuses from the pets.

However, since there are so many, it is hard to find them all. This is why we made a list of all Animal Orb Locations in Castle Crashers.

Animal Orb Locations In Castle Crashers

Animal Orb Locations In Castle Crashers


Effect: +2 Magic (Old), +4 Magic (PC/Remastered) 

Location: Blacksmith {Find the locked door in the far left of the animal ark and smack it open with the key sword}

Bipolar Bear

Effect: Will attack enemies with 8% health and players/allies with 11HP or less. It will result in a friendly fire if you’re not careful.

Location: Snow World {Find the sign with the horn near the Ice Castle entrance, play the horn near the sign.}

Bitey Bat

Effect: Holds enemies in place while dealing low damage.

Location: Pipistrello’s cave {Defeat Pipistrello}

Burly Bear

Effect: +2 Strength (Old), +3 Strength(PC/Remastered), +1 Defense (PC/Remastered)

Location: Tall Grass Field {Find a cave with a boulder in it, eat a sandwich and rip it out. Find a cracked wall inside the cave and bomb it.}


Effect: Finds hidden items

Location: Industrial Castle {Defeat the brute}


Effect: +1 Strength +1 Defense +1 Agility

Location: Medusa’s Lair {Find the dig spot in the level and shovel him out}

Dragon head

Effect: Shoots fire at enemies

Location: DLC (Xbox), Insane Store (Everything Else)


Effect: Grabs items

Location: Marsh {Find the dig spot in the graveyard and shovel him out}


Effect: +10 XP gain

Location: Desert {Find the dig spot and shovel him out}

Golden Whale

Effect: Drops a gold every 12-17 seconds

Location: DLC, Other Game {Battle Block Theater}, Church Store


Effect: Attacks enemies on the ground and retrieves a fruit from them on death, can only hold one fruit.

Location: Tall Grass Field {Find a hut with the horn sign and use the horn.}

Install Ball

Effect: Shoots enemies with plasma balls

Location: Alien Ship {During countdown a small room can be found with IB in it}


Effect +3 Agility (Old), +4 Agility (PC/Remastered)

Location: Parade {Walk into the cyclops cave and then out of it, cycling through the levels at a certain point of progression should trigger him to spawn}


Effect: Increases loot drops

Location: Church Store (Replaced by a golden whale in some versions of the game)

Mr. Buddy

Effect: Dig faster

Location: Home Castle {Find the first dig spot and you’ll pull him out of it}


Effect: Finds fruit in trees

Location: Thieves Forest Entrance {before entering the level you can find owlet near some bushes}


Effect: Reveals dig spots

Location: Snow Store


Effect: Throws snowballs at enemies

Location: DLC, Insane Store


Effect: Buffs Food

Location: Swamp Village Sore


Effect: Knocks down enemies randomly

Location: Tall Grass Field {Defeat Bear Boss}


Effect: +1 Strength (Old), +2 Strength (PC/Remastered), +2 Agility

Location: Sand Castle Interior {Bomb the cracked wall}

Sea horse

Effect: No water movement penalty

Location: Thieves Forest {Out in the open near the river}


Effect: Better Jump

Location: Animal Ark {Find the far left door and either use magic jump or use a combo to go further up into the air}


Effect: +5 Defense, -5 Agility (Old), -2 Agility (PC/Remastered)

Location: Marsh {Find him out in the open near one of the huts}


Effect: +2 Strength (old) or +4 Strength (PC/Remastered)

Location: Cyclops’s Fortress {Find the cracked second enclave and bomb it.}


Effect: +2 Defense (old) or +4 Defense (PC/Remastered)

Location: volcano Store {buy him}


Effect: 1% HP regen per 10 seconds.

Location: Thieves forest {Find the cracked wall with a troll peeking out, bomb it and grab him.}


Effect: Prevents the player from being frozen and offers ice resistance.

Location: Snow world {before entering the ice castle level find a shack with a smoking chimney and lights on. Go behind the shack and grab him.}


Effect: Finds Fruit in Bushes.

Location: Desert Chase {Find the Saracen on a camel with Zebra and kill him}

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