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Castle Crashers: Where to Find Relics

In Castle Crashers you need to find 3 relics to allow entry onto the boat in the dock level.




Relics are a three in-game items that can be collected through the first part of the game. The relics will allow players to get on the boat in the Dock level.

All of this is great, but how do you actually find the relics? – Well there are different locations for each relic, so let’s highlight them all.

The compass, found in the blacksmith level and lays next to the ark. In the blacksmith level you can access and swap your weapons through the frog, even viewing their stats. You can also equip animal orbs through the ark.

The wheel, found in lava world right after the dragon and sock boss. In this level enemies can deal quite a lot of damage and has plenty of opportunities to farm sandwiches/food and gold.

Enemies drop sandwiches occasional as they die and petrified villagers can be broken for food and gold. Don’t be afraid to do so as they are already dead. Evidenced by the fact that the necromancer can revive them as skeletons.

And the telescope, found after defeating the industrial machine boss and automatically equipped by the player and used in the dock level. To enter the industrial castle simply devour a sandwich and rip the door off it’s hinges.

The level is full of hazards that can be avoided by careful jumps or your shield (which is slower.) You can also defeat a heavyweight to gain the animal orb cardinal. A very useful animal orb that retrieves items for you. 

Once you gather them all return to the dock level. There you can progress through to the rest of the game.

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