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Babylon’s Fall: How Do Soul Abilities Work

Not every battle in Babylon’s Fall needs to be fought with a weapon – sometimes your Soul Abilities are more than enough.




There are many ways to engage enemies in Babylon’s Fall, and most of them make use of the many weapons the game has to offer. Perhaps the more interesting and original option is using the Soul Abilities, also known as Dynamis Abilities.

But they work a bit different than everything else in the game…

How Do Soul Abilities Work in Babylon’s Fall

How Do Soul Abilities Work in Babylon’s Fall

Soul Abilities work similarly to support magic does in similar games. You can use them to debuff enemies, buff allies, or move fast through the environment during combat. They are unlocked via Gideon’s Coffin mechanic, which can be upgraded in the forge, after finishing the third cloister.

Soul Corrupt and Soul Snatch

Soul Corrupt and Soul Snatch

Two basic abilities most characters get to use are Soul Corrupt and Soul Snatch.

Soul Corrupt can be used to weaken Tethered enemies, while Soul Snatch can drain Tethered enemies of their HP and MP. You’ll notice that tethering enemies is an important mechanic when it comes to Dynamis Abilities – and it applies to movement skills as well.

Soul Vault

Soul Vault

Soul Vault is another skill some characters learn early on. It allows you to throw yourself against a tethered enemy, giving you more movement options during combat. It can be used to start combos or escape a particularly dangerous situation on the battlefield.

Support Skills

Although these are mostly learned later on in the game, support skills allow you to buff your allies during combat. This, however, is more useful if you’re playing a multiplayer game, as buffing AI companions serves little purpose in a game like this.

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