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Babylon’s Fall: How to Craft

Crafting is the bread and butter of most action RPGs and Babylon’s Fall is no exception.




The newest Platinum Games title, Babylon’s Fall, is a game with dozens of different features and mechanics. Some of these, like crafting, appear surprisingly far in the game, which might make them difficult to learn.

So, here’s everything you need to know about crafting in Babylon’s Fall.

How to Craft in Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall: How to Craft

An option to craft items in Babylon’s Fall is only given to you after completing the third cloister of the game. Only then will the forge open. During the main story, you’ll have to talk with the forge’s owner, called Ishum, located in the headquarters near the docks.


How to Craft in Babylon’s Fall

To start crafting, you’ll need two things – materials and blueprints. Materials appear as enemy drops, chests loot, or things you can find in gathering spots. You can also disassemble the items you don’t need by using the “recycle” option in the forge, turning them into crafting materials.


Blueprints are a bit more difficult to obtain. Most are rewarded for doing specific quests, but some can be bought from Pygmalion in headquarters. But if you go to the forge, you should have the option to see how to obtain blueprints for each of the items you want to craft.

Item’s Power Level

How to Craft in Babylon’s Fall

The Power Level of each item always scales to your current level. So you don’t need to worry about getting blueprints that turn out to be outdated the moment you acquire them. The only thing that matters is whether your new armor and weapons fit your personal playstyle.


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