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Zelda ToTK: How to Farm Rupees Fast

Get rich quickly! In Tears of the Kingdom, that is.




Rupees are the primary currency in The Legend of Zelda series, and that’s no different in Tears of the Kingdom.

You will need them to purchase from the vast majority of shops in Hyrule, so you will eventually find yourself needing to farm for them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you a couple of methods to make Link the richest person in Hyrule!

How to Get Rupees Quickly in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: Arekkz Gaming

There are two really good methods of farming Rupees quickly in the game.

The first method is available to all players and it’s simply to hunt and cook lots of high-quality meals. The only prerequisite for this method is to complete the “Regional Phenomena” quest objective in the Hebra region.

You will also want to have a horse, a way to mitigate the cold such as food made with Spicy Peppers, bows, and arrows.

With all the preparation done, you will want to head to the Snowfield Stable in the Hebra region, on the northwestern corner of the map.

You will want to follow a hunting route like the one shown on the map above, follow the arrows and pot pins. Look out for yaks, stags, deer, wolves, bears, and other animals as you proceed along this route.

Hunt down every animal you encounter in the route and then grab all of the meat they drop, you will get loads of Gourmet and Prime meats.

Remember that you can jump off your horse and aim to activate slow-motion aiming, which makes it really easy to take down any creature!

When you’re done, find a cooking spot and cook 5 Gourmet or Prime meat items together. You should make high-quality Meat Skewers that can be sold for up to 300 or so Rupees each!

Just keep repeating the process and you will have more Rupees than you ever need.

Amiibo Method

The second method is a bit more limited and random but can net you large numbers of Rupees quickly if you’re lucky. You will also need to own the Zelda series Amiibo.

All you need to do is to scan your Amiibo and use the Amiibo ability in-game to spawn items. Each Amiibo will provide different rewards, but all of them will provide a variety of resources.

However, you want to focus on Amiibo that provide armor sets, such as Link from Link’s Awakening or Retro Link.

These armor sets can be obtained in limited quantities by just playing the game, but the Amiibo is the only way to get multiple copies of each piece of equipment.

You can then sell the armor pieces you get for a whooping 600 Rupees each. This is an easy effortless method to get a large amount of the currency in a short time.

Sadly, you can only scan each Amiibo once a time per day and the rewards are completely random. That means that this method is time-gated and luck reliant.

Of course, it’s incredibly effective if you luck out. It also requires almost no effort and takes a very short time to do, so it’s worth a shot if you have the option!

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