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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: How to Upgrade and Repair Weapons and Shields

There’s a little trick to use one of your enemies to upgrade and repair weapons!




You might be a tad disappointed that Tears of the Kingdom has the same controversial weapon durability system as its predecessor. However, there’s now a trick to upgrade and repair weapons!

No, it doesn’t involve the Fuse ability. You will instead need to find a specific enemy and feed it your weapon!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to repair your equipment in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Upgrade and Repair Weapons and Shield in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Source: TagBackTV

The only way to upgrade and repair weapons in the game is by letting certain types of Octorok consume and spit your weapons. It might sound absurd, but it’s true!

Source: TagBackTV

You can find one such Octorok to the north of Goron City in the Eldin region. It’s the encircled spot in the image above.

These Octoroks appear all around Death Mountain and have silver coloration to differentiate them, not to mention the rock on their head.

We recommend making a manual save before you attempt to use this method, as well.

Now, approach the Octorok carefully and then press the + button to open the inventory. Look for the weapon you wish to repair or upgrade and select it with the A button.

Choose Drop from the menu to put the weapon on the ground in front of the Octorok. It’s important that you don’t throw it using R, since that might break the weapon!

Wait for the Octorok to suck up the weapon and then wait a few seconds. The Octorok will spit the weapon at you, so be ready to block or dodge!

The weapon is now fully repaired and also has a new modifier, usually giving you a better modifier than it previously had.

However, each silver Octorok can only repair your weapons once every Blood Moon! This is why we recommend saving first, so you can reload and retry if you get a bad modifier.

Note that this method doesn’t work on Magic Rods and Amiibo items. It makes sense for Magic Rods since they break when their magic power is exhausted, but the Amiibo equipment might be a developer oversight.

Nonetheless, now you know how to make use of Octoroks to upgrade and repair your weapons and shields!

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