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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: All Hidden Cactuars Locations in Costa Del Sol

These cactuars are too hidden for their own good…




Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Costa Del Sol has a bunch of objectives for you to complete. Some of them are harder to complete than others though. The quest Cactuar Caper requires you to find and take photos of 4 Cactuars hidden around the area. 

A lot of people have trouble finding these, as some of them are pretty well hidden. We’re going to tell you their location, so no need to worry if you’re stuck.

All Hidden Cactuars Locations in Costa Del Sol

The Cactuars could be hidden in plain sight on a billboard, or on the side of a random Fire Hydrant. These can be hard to find, especially for beginners. We’ll be going through each Cactuar’s Location below. 

The first and easiest Cactuar to find is on the Billboard shop sign for Surf and Suntan. You’ll find the pink drawing of the Cactuar on the leftmost side of the sign. Take a picture of it using your camera. 

Billboard in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The second Cactuar is more well hidden. It’s painted on the side of a Fire Hydrant. You can find them right next to the stone railing.

The identifying factor of the correct Hydrant is that a couple of children will be sitting right next to it. One of the children is looking at the hydrant. 

Approach it from the opposite side of where the child is looking, and you’ll be able to spot the Cactuar. Take a picture of it. 

Fire Hydrant in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The Third Cactuar can be found on the side of a random cliffside structure. You can spot it pretty easily as the pink Cactuar contrasts well against the gray stone.

This can be found by looking upwards when in front of the flower shop where the game directs you.

Cliffside in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The last Cactuar is easy to find, fortunately. Just head to the dock, and you’ll be able to spot it pretty clearly. It’s right in front of the dock, so it’s impossible to miss. Take a picture, and you’ll be done with the quest!

Dock View in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The quest should now be completed as the Shinra Business Manager is finally satisfied. Quests like these can be fun, but also annoying when they’re not optional. Hopefully, our guide made it more fun!

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