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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Survive this new rebirth!




Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth ultimate beginners guide

If you are a fan of JRPG, you probably already know about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and its changes, which means that you need an ultimate beginner’s guide. There are new things that make this game different, which means that you have to learn new tricks. There are a few changes in the fight system, and some enemies are harder to face, for example.

Before you can jump in the game, you should at least know the tips we share here, especially the ones involving the combat mechanics. Most of this guide will let you know how to get the most out of the resources, abilities, and more.

Ultimate Beginners Guide

Before you can start a new game, you should at least know what you are about to face. There are new areas, more missions, and more playable characters that you need to get to know. With this being said, we present to you the most important things you should know as a beginner:

Block is good, but Parry is better

In the remake, only Cloud could block and parry. While you can only parry while you use Coud, thanks to the Punisher Mode, you can block with all the characters now. When you parry with Cloud, you can build the stagger bar faster, get more ATB and also do damage to your enemies.

Blocking with the other characters helps you a lot, especially when you need to plan strategies. If you timed the block perfectly, you could avoid the damage by completing it. Additionally, you might knock your enemies down, making it easier to land damage.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth beginners guide parry and block

Take care of your resources

ATB attacks, spells, and abilities are your combat resources, and you need to take care of them. During the endgame, spells and abilities are your best bet, which makes the ATB base attacks more and more important. Try to save the most powerful attacks you have, and learn how to defend and handle yourself with ATB.

Upgrade Constantly

Materia and SP allow you to sort of upgrade your characters. Every Materia has an element and a purpose and is very useful, being key in the endgame. Try to spread the healing Materia and the revive Materia when possible, and give everyone offensive Materia. You don’t want to have just one possible healer or one exclusive elemental character.

You can focus on builds and study how to use special Materia, as some of them are only helpful if you know how to use them. Nonetheless, figuring out how to fight first and how to use Materia, skills and abilities is necessary. After you deeply understand the combat system, you can experiment and adapt your team better.

Heal after every battle

During the battle, healing costs a full ATB bar, while outside combat, you can heal the party at your leisure. At some point in the game, you will get into more battles, and you will finish them faster. If you heal before entering any of them, you can balance the field better and plan better strategies. At the same time, you

Fill your Materia Slots

We already talked about Materia and how powerful it is, which is why you should fill the Materia slots with all your characters. Materia is necessary, and it’s what can radically improve your combat capabilities. With better Materia and Spells, you can do more damage than any other special item.

Use all the Characters equally

While you should use one character in combat at the beginning, you must use all characters later. Try to always change between your party members to exploit their abilities in battle. If you directly control everyone, you can get more ATB faster than when they are on their own.

Using one character can affect all of your battles, resulting in losing more often than not, especially during the end game. Using everyone during combat can make them more dynamic, you can win faster, and you can get the best out of everyone.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth beginners guide characters

Check the settings

Some of the default settings set in this game make it lacking and not so friendly to new players. Always check the settings and change the ones that might make the experience unpleasant. We also suggest that you use quick commands, as it is a more dynamic way to fight.

Use the abilities of your character effectively

Bosses have patterns that you could exploit during most combats, making your strategy and attacks more effective. Try to use some time, during the beginning of the battle, to study and analyze how your enemies move and what they do. Furthermore, always lock on your enemies, dodge to make space, rethink attacks, and always destroy the biggest threat first.

Always check the Stagger

Stagger is one of the most important mechanics, and you should always check the stagger bar. A staggered enemy does less damage, doesn’t move briefly, and takes even more damage. During the early game, this might not be as crucial, but when you are facing later-game bosses, staggering can change a battler.

Learn everything you can about the combat system

As we mentioned before, the combat system has changed a little, and there are a few mechanics that you need to keep in mind. For example, there are new synergy abilities that involve two characters. You can team up to make combo damage with extra stagger and extra damage or use synergy skills to get better buffs.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Synergy cloud Sephirot

Try to always keep an eye on these combo moves and use them as soon as you can. They can turn any battle around in no time, and the animations are incredible too.

There are a few differences between Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Remake; however, this ultimate beginner’s guide works for both. In this game, you get more character development, a better fighting system, and a few more goodies. You could also play with more characters and enjoy a little after-story, which allows you to know what happened to your heroes.

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