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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to Defeat Fiend Sighting

Time and objectives aren’t on your side here!

Kaylee Nancarrow



Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to Defeat Fiend Sighting

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the highly anticipated storyline in the remake project. The latest edition is set to be released on February 29th, 2024. So far the demo version of the game is yet to disappoint RGP fans.

One of the demo’s hardest missions is a four-part combat assignment known as the Fiend Sighting. The collective combat assignment may prove to be just what faithful fans are looking for. In this guide, we’ll uncover the secrets to defeating the Fiend Sighting in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How to Defeat Fiend Sighting

Map of Junon Region

To defeat the Fiend Sighting you’ll have to venture far into the wildest parts of the Junon Region and face some gritty enemies along the way.

Fiend Sighting 1: Bearer of Grudges


In this mission, you’ll need to take on and kill two Enmidunks within the time limit and complete 3 objectives. Enmidunk’s special attack moves are Trample and Charge. If they connect, they hit a player hard, so have some items and Cure to heal your allies.

To beat them, you’ll need to exploit their weaknesses to fire and ice. Cloud’s Firebolt Blade is effective in this mission as it will build up stagger and burst down the Enmidunk’s HP when they are down. 

Fiend Sighting 2: Cacophonic Corivid


The second combat assignment takes place in Middle Junon. Much like the first assignment, there is a time limit to complete three objects. In this battle you’ll come up against a flying Fonadu which will deal a lot of damage with its multi-hit Gouge

The Fonadu’s weakness is wind so you’ll need to equip a party member with Wind Materia and have Aerith set-up Arcane Ward. One of the objectives of the mission is to pressure the Fonadu and this can only be done when you counter Fonadu’s attack using Cloud’s Punisher Mode parry.

When the Fonadu low on HP, use Cloud and Aerith’s Firework Blade synergy ability. This will be enough to end the battle.

Fiend Sighting 3: Zemze Breaks

I’m sure by now you’ve guessed it, all the combat assignment have a time limit, here you only have two minutes to complete the objectives. The third assignment takes place in Northwest Junon south of The Fortress.


In this assignment, you’ll need to kill two Whymzelett and prevent them from taking flight when using Soothing Breeze. Whymzelett’s have a weakness to ice and it is essential to have a party member with Ice materia for this fight.

To complete all the objectives, you’ll need to stop the Whymzelett’s from taking flight when using Soothing Breeze. You can do this by casting Blizzard on them whenever they start winding up Soothing Breeze.

Fiend Sighting 4: Unholy Union

Silver Chimera

The fourth and final combat assignment takes place in Southwest Junon near the sea. In this mission you must exploit the weakness of and defeat two Silver Chimera. The Silver Chimeras will attack hard and fast and go for a single target. This allows them to kill your party member so make sure to have items and a Cure on hand.

Silver Chimera’s have a weakness to fire and an effective method to build up stagger on each Silver Chimera is to have Red XIII accumulate 2 ATB bars which will allow her to use Stardust Ray. Follow up the attack with Cloud’s Firebolt Blade to expose their vulnerabilities.

Finally, to finish off the fight use Cloud’s summon Ramuh on the Silver Chimera’s. Just ensure that he has an ATB charge available when his summon gauge is full.

Beat the clock and keep an eye on those objectives if you want to have any chance of progressing in this game

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