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Last Epoch: Ultimate Campaign Guide | How Long to Beat

When will this game ever end?

Kaylee Nancarrow



Last Epoch: How Long to Beat

If you’re wondering how long it will take you to complete the entire campaign in Last Epoch, you’re in for a treat. While ARPGs aren’t known for their storyline, Last Epoch is somewhat different and takes a player through a journey of nine chapters.

With so many endgame activities lined up, it’s hard to tell just when this ARPG intends to keep you submerged in the action. That said, here’s an educated estimate of how long it will take you to reach the end of the Last Epoch.

How Long is the Campaign in Last Epoch

The main campaign storyline in Last Epoch is expected to take players around 16 hours in playtime. If you’re a player that wants to take in and conquer every aspect of the game it will take you close to 60 hours incompletion.

New players or players new to ARPG may take a few more hours to get the hang of things. That said, the time frame can be reduced if a player were to solely aim at completing endgame activities.

Classes in Last Epoch

At the start of the game, there are 5 classes, 15 masteries, and over 120 different skill trees for players to master. Furthermore, once you’ve made your way through 75 levels there is an epic final boss fight against Lagon which is sure to rattle your bones.

In addition, there are three dungeon bosses who await your presence in the endgame activities. These dungeons offer a special challenge and rewards that can’t be unlocked elsewhere. So, it will be worth your time to spend a few hours in the dungeons.

When it’s all said and done, it should be less than 60 hours!

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