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Last Epoch: How to Reach Rank 8 in Merchants Guild Quickly

Gain the ability to buy all Unique Items!




The Merchants Guild in Last Epoch is a great way to get your hands on amazing late-game gear. Unlocking the guild is not enough, as you will also need to increase your rank. Higher ranks give you the ability to buy even better gear.

Rank 8 is generally considered one of the main breakpoints by most players. This is due to Rank 8 giving you the ability to buy both Unique items and Exalted items.

Our guide will be looking at the best way for you to reach rank 8 in the quickest way.

How to Reach Rank 8 in Merchants Guild Quickly

the merchants guild menu Last Epoch

To increase your Rank in the Merchants Guild, you will have to earn Reputation. Earning more Reputation will help you fill up the bar that shows your Merchants Guild rank. Reputation can be earned through:

  • Completing Quests
  • Killing Monsters
  • Taking Part in Trades(Buying and Selling)

Other than earning Reputation, the guild system also lets you earn Favor. Favor is the currency that is essential for buying items at the Merchants Guild. Most items at the guild will require both gold and Favor. Spending Favor also helps you increase your Reputation.

Buying Items With a High Favor Cost

the cost for buying an item through the guild Last Epoch

When trying to buy an item at the store, you can see both their Favor and Gold costs. For the sake of leveling up, you will want to maximize spending Favor instead of Gold. Look for items that have a relatively low Gold cost and a high Favor cost.

Items with “3 Legendary Potential” will normally fit the criteria you are looking for. When doing this, the item you buy doesn’t have to be that useful. Once you get to higher ranks like ranks 6-7, you can start buying items more relevant to your build.

Also, avoid buying items like Idols from the guild unless you need to. Idols generally will have a high Gold cost and a low Favor cost.

How to Earn More Favor

Playing through Echos in a Monolith will naturally earn you Favor. To speed up this process, you can increase the Corruption of your Echo. Echoes with a higher Corruption level will earn you a lot more Favor.

listing an item with the favor you earn highlighted Last Epoch

The other way to get a lot of Favor is by listing items with higher rarity. When you list items at the Merchants Guild, you earn some Favor. Try to list all your unwanted items here, especially the ones that are rarer to find.

Once you reach rank 8, you can start pushing for the final ranks in the Merchants Guild. The last rank, rank 10, gives you the ability to buy the highly coveted Legendary Items.

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