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Apex Legends: Season 13 Leak | New Map, Legend and More

With the new Apex Legend season coming soon, there were a couple of interesting leaks of what we can expect.




Season 13 should be starting soon in Apex Legends and a couple of leaks have been appearing on the internet. Of course, none of this is official information, so some of these might turn out to be fake news, but nevertheless, some are very interesting.

Season 13 of Apex legends Leaks and Predictions

Possibly the most interesting leak is a new Legend, known as Newcastle. He’s supposed to be a bearded male character with robocop-like armor. Supposedly, his abilities will be:

Passive: Retrieve the Wounded – Drag downed allies while you revive and protect them with your revive shield

Tactical: Mobile Shield – Throw a throwable drone that creates a moving energy shield

Ultimate: Castle Wall – Leap and slam to a target, ally, or area and create a fortified stronghold

Another huge prediction is a new map, which is supposed to be called Divided Moon. According to the leak, it’s based on a moon in the Apex Legends universe.

New Skins and Weapons

There are also a lot of new skins for weapons and characters that are supposed to be released with season 13, though it’s hard to say which, as the amount of leaks would suggest some are planned to be available later, especially since some are seen finished

And some are not.

Supposedly, there is also a new weapon ready to be introduced in Season 13, called the Nemesis Burst. It’s an assault rifle using energy ammo, according to the leaks.

One last leak suggests that there might be a new game mode coming as well, described by most of the fans as the “Capture The Flag/Oddball” mode.

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