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Apex Legends: How to Change Server/Region

Change is good…sometimes

Nedim Fetahovic



Apex Legends: How to Change Server/Region

Even after 5 years since its launch in 2019, Apex Legends remains one of the most popular MMO first-person shooters on the market at the moment.

This battle-royale, free-to-play game offers a lot of different content in terms of customization, immersion, game modes, and more. However, there are still some issues surrounding the Apex Legends servers.

Namely, players are sometimes unable to find a match. This could be down to the fact that players often pick the wrong server to play on.

That is why in today’s article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to change your server and/or region to avoid any such inconveniences. Let’s get to it!

Apex Legends on Steam

Launch the Game/Admin Rights

When launching the game, it is important to make sure you launch it with administrator rights. Sometimes this is all it takes to resolve the issue of “No Server Found” due to your firewall blocking the connection.

To do this, simply right-click on the Apex Legends icon and click “Run as Administrator”.

Main Menu Options

In the main menu of the game, you will see several options listed. These are “Exit to Desktop”, “Data Center”, and “Accessibility Options”. You need to hit Tab to open the Data Center which are your servers in the most basic of terms.

Here you will see all of the available servers listed and their respective pings. Select the server with the lowest ping and try it out for yourself. Or if you want to be a toxic member of the community, choose the highest ping and rock on!

Main menu options
Source: Rehan Sajid Gaming

Do keep in mind that other players will hate you for it, so just something to keep in mind. Apex Legends lobbies are similar to most other multiplayer shooters out there. Have fun!

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