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How to Increase Visibility and FPS in Apex Legends Season 16

Step up your game to the Predators with a better perspective.




For a game like Apex Legends, you must not only have good aim but also a sharp and keen eye. Without these two, winning matches in Season 16 would be close to impossible.

In some cases, your eye is not actually the problem but the game’s visual quality. In this guide, we will show you how to increase visibility and FPS in the game.

Increasing the Visibility and FPS in Apex Legends Season 16

Source: Gamer’s Decide

What you see in-game has a big factor in how your game will turn out. If you see moving yet lagging enemies, you will miss your shots.

Meanwhile, if you mistake an enemy for a chunk of rock, you will get easily killed by not shooting first.

Having said that, both video quality and FPS contribute to your overall performance as an Apex Legends player.

One of the most common tips to prevent blurry visuals and FPS drop is to close all unused apps running in the background. If that doesn’t fix the problem, there are several methods you can still use.

General Video Settings

Source: TroubleChute

Inside the game, go over to the Video section inside Settings. This is where you have to adjust and tweak the resolutions and the whole video settings to match your current PC specs.

Source: TroubleChute

Make sure the display mode is in full screen while the aspect ratio and resolution will depend on your monitor. Make sure that what you input here is not higher than your monitor’s capacity but also not too low.

In the Advanced section, disable V-Sync for an accurate FPS count. Your Texture Streaming Budget should be 1 below where your graphics card is while Texture Filtering on its lowest setting which is bilinear.

On the lower part, Effect Details, Impact Marks, and Ragdolls should all be in the low setting.

Once you’re able to follow and apply these settings, you should be able to enjoy increased visibility and higher FPS while playing the game.

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