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Apex Legends: How to Play Gun Run | Beast of Prey Event Guide

Learn about the new and limited mode, Gun Run




Season 14 of Apex Legends continues. It does not only introduce the new Legend Vantage, but it also brings us a reforged Kings Canyon map. The level cap is increased, a new battle pass is introduced, and some nerfs and buffs on some guns are implemented in the game.

They also added a new and limited game mode, and we are going to show you how you can play it.

How to Play Gun Run, Beast of Prey Event Guide in Apex Legends

Apex Legends currently has the Beast of Prey event. There are 24 themed limited-time cosmetics that are needed for the event and they can only be available through direct purchase and Beast of Prey Event Apex Packs.

Collect all of the 24 items to obtain Loba’s Heirloom, the Garra de Alanza. This event also has the new LTM: Gun Run.

Playing Gun Run

Gun Run is a new kind of LTM in Apex Legends, where you are going to play as a squad of 3 and play against 3 other squads. Every time you kill an enemy with your gun, it changes. There are 25 guns in the game mode and the last weapon is a throwing knife. To win in Gun Run, you need to kill an enemy with the throwing knife.

You do not need to use all of the 25 guns in the game mode because if your teammate has the gun, you can leapfrog it. You can automatically respawn, have infinite medkits and syringes, and shields automatically regenerate.

You have no secondary weapon, but you can kill an enemy with a melee, but doing so can demote the weapon that they have to the previous one.

You can see the next weapon you can receive on the top of the screen. The “Boost” above your main weapon indicates the number of weapons you are going to skip. Lastly, the throwing weapon feels like throwing an arc star.

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Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Red Desert Threshold Domain

The Red Desert Threshold is one of the new three domains in the new desert area in Sumeru.





There are three new domains that you can challenge in Genshin Impact’s 3.1 update. One of them is the Red Desert Threshold. Of the three domains, this one is actually very easy to unlock. All you need to do is accept a quest and follow the quest marker.

If you don’t know how, then this guide is for you.

How to Unlock Red Desert Threshold Domain in Genshin Impact

Similar to unlocking the Altars of Mirage domain, you also need to accept the Golden Slumber quest for this one. However, you don’t need to complete the entire quest to do so. Instead, you only need it to point you toward where the domain is located.

After accepting the quest from NPC Bonifaz, follow the quest marker until you arrive at a huge hole in the ground. All you need to do is drop down that hole and go all the way to the bottom. Make sure to cushion your fall by using your wings.

Once you reach the bottom, you can then find the entrance to the Red Desert Threshold domain. Unlike the other two domains, you don’t really need to do anything here. You just have to interact with the domain and enter it right away.

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