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Apex Legends: How to Have Zero Recoil | Recoil Trick

Recoil mechanics for weapons can be very difficult to learn, but in Apex Legends, there is a way to avoid them altogether




When playing Apex Legends, you’ll have to learn how to deal with your weapons’ recoil. Or at least, that’s how the developers intended you to play the game, but there is one big oversight that can get rid of all the recoil for all your weapons.

No Recoil Trick in Apex Legends

The whole trick is pretty simple – basically, when you’re moving your camera in any way while shooting, the recoil mechanics simply stop working. This means you can technically shoot without recoil as long as you move your view input.

Of course, this makes aiming rather difficult, but if you combine camera movement with moving in a way to adjust your aim, you can shoot straight without recoil in open spaces. This works for every weapon in the game.

The Limits of This Trick

Using the trick, you can bypass the need to learn recoil mechanics for each weapon, but this method of fighting is only advisable when fighting in large, open spaces. You will still need to deal with recoil in tight corridors, so you cannot completely ignore recoil in this game.

But, you can decide which weapons do you prefer to use without recoil, saving them for moments when this trick can be performed. It’s been present in the game for a long time and the developers still didn’t find a way to fix it, so it’s safe to assume it’s probably going to stay.

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