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The Cycle Frontier: Overseers Office Key Room Location

The Overseer’s Office Key is one of the many keys you’ll find in The Cycle Frontier. It is labeled “Nutrition Farms”, as per the description, but it doesn’t tell you where you can use it.




There are several keys you’ll come across as you explore the Crescent Falls map in The Cycle Frontier. For the most part, however, these keys won’t actually tell you where you can use them.

They do give a bit of hint here and there, but if you’re struggling to figure them out, then this guide is for you.

Overseers Office Key Room Location in The Cycle Frontier

The main hint that you can find is in the key’s description itself. As mentioned, it is labeled “Nutrition Farms”. This means that the specific location you can use it on is the Nutrition Farms Processing area. You can find this area in the southwestern part of the map, just slightly above the Favela.

Similar to other locations in the game that requires a key to access, the Overseer’s Office also contains a lot of chests. These chests will drop a handful of items including weapons, armors, attachments, and more.

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