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The Cycle Frontier: Pure Veltecite Farming Location

Pure Veltecite is a mineral that you’ll need to craft a variety of items, including weapons and abilities. The problem is that the game doesn’t tell you where exactly to farm it.




One of the many minerals you’ll want to mine in The Cycle Frontier is Pure Veltecite. It’s basically used as a material to craft various items in the game.

Apart from that, you also use it to complete certain quests that involve delivering several Pure Veltecites to one of the faction givers in the game.

If you have trouble looking for them on the Bright Sands map, then this guide will help you.

Pure Veltecite Farming Location in The Cycle Frontier

The only means of obtaining Pure Veltecite is by mining Flawed Veltecite ores. You can find these ores in certain spots on the map. Specifically, you can find these ores near the waterfalls which you can find just above the Lake area.

Do keep in mind that mining the ores won’t give you a guaranteed Pure Veltecite drop, as its drop rate is somewhat small. If you want to maximize your chances, I highly recommend spawning in the Swamp area and then making your way to the Waterfall Labs via the river.

This will help you find a lot of Flawed Veltecite ores scattered along the way. This will allow you to increase your chances of getting Pure Veltecite drops. You can also visit the East Caverns as it contains lots of minerals which, of course, include Veltecite.

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