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Redfall: Dead Catch Records Studio Key Location

Want to get inside the studio? You’ll need the key for that!




The Dead Catch Records studio is one of the many POIs in Redfall. However, the door leading to it is locked, and as such, you’ll need the Dead Catch Records studio key to get inside.

The location of the key can be easily overlooked as it won’t be as obvious when you pass through it.

And if you’re wondering where it is, this guide should help you.

Dead Catch Records Studio Key Location in Redfall

Source: PerfectParadox

You’ll be able to locate the Dead Catch Records studio on the northern section of the map. Simply refer to the image above for its exact location.

Once you get there, make your way to the second floor until you come across this wooden door with a rusty GI sheet. You’ll notice that the door is locked, and to enter, you’ll need the Dead Catch Records Studio Key.

To find the key, simply turn back and make your way to the previous floor. Once you get down the stairs, turn left to find a white table in the corner.

A Hollow Man Cultist will be waiting for you at the front. Simply take him down before you proceed to obtain the key.

Source: PerfectParadox

The key is actually just sitting on top of the table. It’s barely noticeable at first due to its bright pink color.

Do keep in mind that the previous cultist will alert all nearby cultists, so make sure to prepare for a fight. Alternatively, you can just run away and make your way to the Dead Catch Records studio.

Use the key to unlock the door to the studio to find a hostile radio DJ inside. Once you took care of him, simply close the door afterward.

You can then explore the studio and look for some supplies like ammunition and more.

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