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Redfall: How to Get Any Legendary Weapon Fast

Get any legendary weapon you want early!




Redfall has the classic color-coded loot system, where the orange-colored legendary weapons are the best there are.

Legendary weapons have the best stats and unique effects that set them apart from regular weapons.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about an early-game method to get any legendary you wish.

How to Quickly Get Any Legendary Weapon in Redfall

Source: DPJ

There’s one guaranteed legendary weapon you can find early in the game, you just need access to Wheeler’s Sporting Goods. This is the location highlighted above.

This building will require you to use lockpicks to enter, though you can also just break the glass window and invite yourself in.

Source: DPJ

Make your way to the counter by the stairs once you’re in. Look behind the counter and you will find a guaranteed legendary weapon, though the weapon is randomized each time.

You can somewhat exploit this location by re-rolling the weapon into any other legendary in the game, as well!

Just open the in-game settings and choose to quit, then reload your save and head back to the same spot. The weapon should’ve re-rolled, allowing you to potentially get any legendary weapon you want.

Of course, there’s always a chance that you will find the same weapon again after a re-roll attempt. That’s just how RNG works!

You will also only be able to do this until you pick up the weapon and save the game, as that will cause it to stop appearing. Choose which weapon you want carefully!

This is a great way to get any legendary weapon you want very early into the game, as this location is available from early on.

The only downside is that the weapon will likely be of a low level if you do it early since it should scale with your character’s level.

That means that you will need to replace it eventually, but you will hopefully have found another legendary by then! This is a good method to get a head start, nonetheless.

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