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How to Reset Skill Points in Redfall | Respec Character

Get a refund on your skill points so that you can redistribute them!




Skill resets, also known as respec, are a common feature of games with RPG elements like Redfall.

This feature allows you to redistribute your skill points, opening the door for experimentation with different builds and playstyles!

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about skill point resets in this game.

How to Respec Skill Points in Redfall

Source: Sofa Superstar Gaming

Even though there isn’t a visible feature to reset your skills and abilities in Redfall at the beginning, you can still respec your skill points.

However, you won’t be able to make use of the respec feature until you reach Level 10.

You will level up as you gain experience, which is obtained by doing basically anything in the game. Quests are the primary source of experience, but killing enemies will also net you some experience.

Just reaching Level 10 won’t be enough, though! You will also need to be inside a safe area such as the Fire Station, Maritime Center, or any other safehouses you liberated.

Source: Sofa Superstar Gaming

You can’t use the respec function while you are outside a safe area.

Anyway, open the Skills menu once you’ve met both of these conditions and you will see a new Reset Skills option on the bottom left.

Press the prompt given to you by the game and a window will appear asking for your confirmation. This window will also tell you how much the respec will cost.

Source: Sofa Superstar Gaming

The cost will increase as you level up more and unlock more skills, so keep that in mind.

Accept the skill reset and all your skills will be relocked. Of course, this will also refund you every skill point you’ve put into them! You can now freely redistribute them to try different builds.

That’s all there is to know about the skill reset system in Redfall, make good use of it to try out different playstyles.

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