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How to Fix Multiplayer Not Working in Redfall

Cannot access multiplayer in Redfall? – Here is a fix.




Redfall was heavily advertised as a multiplayer co-op game, so you will obviously want to play it with your pals!

However, sometimes you might experience multiplayer connection issues that prevent you from playing co-op. This is a very annoying problem that can be hard to troubleshoot.

In this article, we’ll go over a variety of potential fixes to help you get back into Redfall’s multiplayer!

How to Solve Multiplayer Connection Issues in Redfall

Source: Bethesda

To start, you should first check that the game’s servers are fully operational. Sometimes they’re down for maintenance, which means that the connection issue is out of your control.

You can check the game’s status on Bethesda’s official website here:

Just look for Redfall in the list of games and it will let you know the server’s status. If it says operational, the multiplayer is working on their end. That would mean any issues are on your end.

Source: TechVerse

The first thing you should try is rebooting your system. This applies to consoles and PC, a quick reboot is sometimes all you need to fix issues like this!

Launch the game again after the system restarts and try connecting. If you’re still having issues, read on.

Another thing to try is to just unplug your modem’s electricity to shut it down. Wait for about 5 minutes and plug it back in.

This will cause a hard reset of the router, which should clear up any temporary issues it’s experiencing and refresh your connection. Try connecting once again and it will hopefully work!

Still nothing? Don’t fret, there are still more things to try!

Verifying Game Files

Source: TechVerse

You might want to verify your game’s installation since corrupted files might cause connectivity issues. This is very easy to do on PC via Steam, but there’s no equivalent method for consoles.

For PC users: open up Steam and locate Redfall in your library. Right-click on it and open the properties, then select the Local Files category. Click on Validate Files and Steam will repair any damaged files it encounters.


For console users: the best next thing you can do is to just uninstall and reinstall the game.

On your Xbox Series, highlight the game and then choose to Uninstall. Then just reinstall it and hope that it worked!

This is a fairly annoying process on consoles, but it should ensure that any corrupted files were deleted and replaced. Hopefully, that solved the connectivity issues!

Contact Your ISP

Source: Official Steam Store Page

If nothing of the above helped you at all, you should consider getting in touch with your internet service provider’s tech support.

This is especially true if you’re experiencing issues in other games and not just Redfall! There might be an issue on your ISP’s end.

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