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Redfall: All 3 Missing Dolls Locations

Complete your objective by locating 3 dolls in different locations.




The House of Echoes will contain various objectives that you should complete in order to complete the quest as a whole. One such objective requires you to find 3 missing dolls.

As you’d expect, there are many types of missions you’ll come across during your playthrough in Redfall. The House of Echoes is just one of the many.

If you don’t know where the 3 missing dolls are, this guide will help you out.

Where to Find All 3 Missing Dolls in Redfall

Source: PerfectParadox

Each of the three missing dolls can be found in a separate location, though they’re all within the mansion.

However, there’s no particular order that you should follow when it comes to looking for these dolls. Instead, you can just decide which one you want to look for first.

Without further ado, here are their respective locations:

Missing Doll #1

Source: Ryzza & JediBlake Gaming

For the first doll, you want to head outside of the mansion and go to the greenhouse as shown in the image above.

Enter the greenhouse, and you should be able to find your first missing doll sitting on top of one of the concrete planters inside.

Missing Doll #2

For the second missing doll, simply head inside the house and go to the kitchen area on the lower floor.

You should be able to spot the doll sitting on top of the counter being held on a chopping board by a Stake Launcher Ammo.

Simply pick up the ammo first to free up the doll so you can then collect it.

Missing Doll #3

For the last doll, you want to head to the second floor of the house. Look for a locked door in the middle of the hallway.

This will lead you to the loft where the last missing doll is located.

To unlock the door, you should first look for the Loft Key which you can find at the end of the hallway, sitting on top of a box on the end of the bed to the right.

Source: PerfectParadox

Pick up the key and then proceed to open the locked door earlier. Make your way up the stairs to the left then head to the room to the right.

Enter the room and look for a purple tent to your right. You should be able to spot the third missing doll on the floor carpet.

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