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Addison Mansion Loft Key Location – Redfall

Don’t let the locked loft door stop you from exploring the Addison Mansion!




You will need to get the loft key as you explore the Addison Mansion during the “The House of Echoes” quest in Redfall.

This key will grant you access to the loft, as you might have guessed! You will need access to the loft to fully explore the mansion for this quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where the key is so that you don’t need to go on a wild goose chase.

Where to Find the Addison Mansion Loft Key in Redfall

Source: PerfectParadox

You will need to get this key as part of the “The House of Echoes” quest in the Addison Mansion, as stated in the introduction.

The loft should be visited after you’ve entered Amelia’s bedroom and read the note left by the dollhouse.

You should stumble upon a locked double door that requires you to use the loft key, though you probably won’t have it on hand right away. The key isn’t far off, thankfully!

Source: PerfectParadox

Face the locked double door and then turn to your left, you should a door with a “Hollowman” scribble above it.

This creepy room is also full of strange scribbles, but it’s where you will find the loft key. Be ready for a fight, though! It’s very likely that a vampire will be inside the room, though this seems to be random.

Look for some cardboard boxes by the dirty queen-sized bed. The Addison Mansion loft key rests atop the boxes, so just approach it and pick it up.

Now you just need to go back to the locked loft door and open it! This will allow you to continue the quest by taking the stairs up to the mansion’s attic.

Anyway, that’s all there is to know about where to find this particular key. We hope this helps you uncover the secrets of the creepy Addison Mansion!

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