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Redfall: Where to Find Legendary Shotgun

Blast vampires to pieces with the help of this powerful shotgun!




Legendary weapons are some of the most powerful weapons you can get your hands on in Redfall.

They come with unique attributes that set them apart from other weapons. Not to mention they’re just way cooler in terms of their design.

That said, you can actually get a legendary shotgun early on in the game. It’s a semi-automatic shotgun, which means it has a higher fire rate than the standard shotguns in the game.

Let’s have a look at where you can find it.

Where to Find Legendary Shotgun in Redfall

The shotgun in question is called Disproportionate Response.

It’s a semi-automatic shotgun, as mentioned, with a pretty decent damage and fire rate. The best part is, you can find it early in the game.

Source: Karpo Gaming

To find the shotgun, all you have to do is head to the Wheeler’s Sporting Goods store which is close to the fire station.

You’ll find its exact location on the map as shown in the image above.

Once you get in front of the store, simply make your way through the door. However, you’ll notice that it’s locked, so you’ll need a lockpick in order to gain access.

Source: Karpo Gaming

If you don’t have a lockpick, you can instead make your way to the backside of the store via the alley to the right. Climb up the stairs as shown above,

Once you get inside, simply head down the stairs to the left and turn right. Go behind the counter and you should be able to find the Disproportionate Response shotgun on the drawer.

Source: Karpo Gaming

Simply grab the weapon and equip it in your inventory.

As far as its unique effects go, Disproportionate Response lets allows you to stagger your enemies much more quickly which works great for crowd control. It also increases your accuracy while moving.

Finally, possibly the best part about this shotgun is that it increases its damage by 20% for 8 seconds each time you kill an enemy.

This allows you to kill groups of vampires pretty quickly as you’ll be able to keep up the buff for a long time.

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