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Redfall: How to Get Into Basswood Safehouse | Key Location

Unlock the Basswood safehouse to seek shelter from bloodthirsty vampires.




As you go around exploring the Basswood area, you’ll eventually come across a red door with the painting of a house that will lead to an underground bunker. This is the Basswood safehouse.

It basically provides you with a safe shelter from the vampires in the neighborhood. However, you’ll notice that the door is locked, and to open it, you’ll need its key.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get inside the safehouse and where you can find its key.

How to Get Into the Basswood Safehouse in Redfall

Source: PerfectParadox

You’ll find the location of the safehouse close to the center of Basswood on the eastern side close to the river.

Once you get there and approach the door, you’ll notice that it says it requires power before you can enter. You will be able to find the generator to the right just beyond some cars.

Source: PerfectParadox

However, it will say that the generator will require the Basswood Safehouse Key to turn on. This is where a lot of players get confused as the key’s location can be easily overlooked.

That said, all you have to do is approach the green car to your left and check its door on the driver’s side.

You’ll notice that the key is just sticking out of it. Take the key and then use it to power up the generator.

Source: PerfectParadox

However, do keep in mind that an alarm will sound as soon as you take the key. This will alert nearby vampires who will attempt to chase you.

As soon as you pick up the key, head to the generator immediately and turn it on. Once you’re done, you’ll then be able to enter the safehouse right away.

Inside the safehouse, you’ll be able to find a lot of resources that you can use. There’s ammunition as well as free medical supplies.

Also, safehouses act as a checkpoint and a target for fast travel. So whenever you come across one in a given area, don’t forget to unlock it.

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