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Redfall: Which Character to Pick | Heroes & Skills Guide

Pick the hero whose playstyle and abilities suit you best.




Redfall’s roster consists of four playable characters who each have their own unique abilities and playstyles. Not only that, but each of them also has a different backstory to tell.

When it comes to the gameplay perspective, however, which character you choose will depend on your personal preference.

Do you prefer staying on the offensive? Would you rather go stealthy? Or are you in favor of defensive maneuvers?

Let’s find out!

Which Character to Pick in Redfall

Source: Dexerto

Before we begin, you have to keep in mind that despite their varying background and abilities, all heroes in Redfall share the same purpose: to kill bloodthirsty vampires.

You can freely customize them from their attributes and gear down to their weapons and abilities. Obviously, you will be able to make them stronger the longer you play the game.

Aside from that, you can boost their attributes to help make them even more powerful.

For example, you can upgrade their health recovery stat for faster health regen. Or you can upgrade their storage size so you can carry more ammo, kits, etc.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the playable characters in Redfall so you can decide which one is the best for you.

Devinder Crousley

Source: NorzZa

First, we have Devinder Crousley, a.k.a The Verified Cryptid Hunter. He’s a talented inventor and cryptozoologist who uses his own inventions to take down bloodthirsty suckers in the game.

This is actually something he’s been preparing for, and his unique inventions offer a bit of a unique vampire hunter playstyle than what you’re accustomed to.

Devinder’s abilities focus on crowd-control effects and dealing AOE damage, making him effective for taking down multiple zombies all at once. His three action skills are as follows:

  • Arc Javelin – Throws an arc javelin that attaches to any surface it hits, emitting a chain of lightning shortly after. This is perfect for taking out multiple enemies.
  • Translocate – A mobility skill, Dev throws his inventions in an arc, giving him the ability to teleport to a specific location.
  • Blacklight – Devinder’s ultimate skill, Blacklight allows him to place a UV emitter on the ground that will petrify enemies caught in its light for a certain duration.

Jacob Boyer

Source: NorzZa

With the moniker, The Deadeye with an Undead Eye, Jacob specializes in taking down enemies from a distance.

This playstyle makes it perfect if you want to play stealthily without having to get close to enemies to take them down. This plays on the background of Jacob being an ex-military sharpshooter.

Aside from his precise sharpshooting abilities, Jacob also has a psychic raven companion that will give them a major advantage on the battlefield. His abilities are as follows:

  • Cloak – Turns Jacob invisible for a brief period, allowing him to sneak past enemies without being detected.
  • Raven – Jacob instructs his psychic raven companion to scout an area for enemies. This is great for pinpointing enemy locations as they’ll be highlighted, allowing you to take them out before they know what hit them.
  • Heartstopper – Jacob’s ultimate, Heartstopper allows him to summon a sniper rifle which can take down multiple guards pretty quickly.

Layla Ellison

The Telekinetic Threat in Student Debt, Layla was subjected to a medical trial went wrong, leaving her with telekinetic powers that she use in the game to quickly dispatch her enemies.

If you prefer getting up close and personal, Layla might just be the best choice for you.

She’s probably the closest we can get to a tank-type playstyle, thanks to her abilities which are as follows:

  • Lift – Causes her to summon a telekinetic elevator that she can use as a jump pad. This is great for traversal as it allows you to access rooftops and other entry points with ease.
  • Umbrella – Summons a telekinetic umbrella that Layla can use to absorb incoming projectiles. It can also be upgraded to deflect damage and throw it back at your enemies.
  • Vampire Ex-Boyfriend – Layla’s ultimate, this ability summons her vampire ex-boyfriend, literally, who will help her in combat.

Remi De La Rosa

Lastly, we have Remi De La Rosa, a.k.a The Ingenious Ingeniera, an engineer if you will. She’s a robotics expert who has a robot companion to help her during battle.

Her abilities allow her to take on the role of a support, providing the much-needed distraction to take down enemies. They’re as follows:

  • C4 Charge – Throws a C4 charge that will stick to surfaces and explodes shortly after. This works great for taking out multiple enemies.
  • Siren – Remi commands her robot companion to distract enemies in a targeted location, allowing you to take them out by surprise.
  • Mobilize – Remi’s ultimate, she creates a control point that will heal or revive all allies caught inside of its range.

Which Character Suits You Best

As you can see, each character is unique enough to set them apart from each other. They also cater to different playstyles, so you will be able to pick one that suits you best.

If you prefer playing as a support, you won’t go wrong with Remi. Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of taking out enemies from a distance, Jacob is for you.

Layla is perfect if you want to get up close and personal, all while repelling incoming projectiles like they’re nothing. Then there’s Devinder who’s ideal for dealing AoE damage.

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