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How to Craft Items in Roots of Pacha

With a game like Roots of Pacha, you’re gonna need to know how to craft.




You’d think with a simulation game like Roots of Pacha, the creators would put the crafting system right in your face right away. Unfortunately, the way to craft in this game is sort of hidden.

Thankfully, once you know what to do, crafting in Roots of Pacha is super simple.

Roots of Pacha and How to Craft Items

The ability to craft will slowly become available as you play the game.

As you start unlocking machines, you’ll also start to unlock the ability to craft other machines. This will happen naturally throughout the game.

Once you have the ability to craft, just click the box in the middle of the Craft section in the Menu Screen.

Yes, that’s right. Unlike games like Minecraft, you won’t need any special crafting table to make things in this game.

Source: The Ginger Empire

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to create stone paths and stone boxes, but later on, you’ll have a whole host of different things you can craft.

The Importance Of Crafting Recipes

In order to craft more items, you’ll have to complete ideas. You’ll find these ideas as you travel throughout the game.

Here’s a quick list of some basic ideas you can find early in the game:

  • Flint – Found after you complete the first Totem in the Forest Cave.
  • Hardwood – Use your hand axe to cut down the tougher trees to finally find the idea.
  • Stone – You can find this after destroying enough rocks in the caves or on the ground
  • Wood – Found after destroying enough sticks or if you cut down enough trees.

Keep finding ideas, and you’ll be able to craft anything you’ll ever need!

After you find these ideas, it’s not as simple as just hitting a button and creating the idea you want to craft. You also need to have the correct amount of materials to craft the item.

For example, if you want to craft a water bucket, you’ll need 20 Hardwood. Or, if you want to craft an Obsidian Sickle, you’ll need 35 wood and 25 obsidian.

So now that you know how to craft, go out there and explore!

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